About Shanna... 


Let me just clear something up, my name is Shanna, like Banana, NOT Shawna or Shannon! And YES!! You can call me Shanna Banana! 


Ok, lets get to the good stuff! 

I'm a northern California native and I specialize in Maternity & Boudoir. I thrive on helping women feel beautiful and I love to allow them to see themselves in a different light. 

I'm married to the most amazing husband and father to my children, he is my soul mate. We have two beautiful children together and I love them to no end! I grew up in a small town so my country roots are real but I'm also real boujee and I love wine. Weird, I know! Also, I LOOOOOOOVE my coffee (Dutch bros, woot wooooot) oh, and food....I LOVE food!!


I am a self-taught photographer. My love for photography grew once I had my children. I think it's important to capture milestones so you can look back and remember the good ol' days, am I right?  I like to capture the real emotions, I don't like to necessarily pose families. I go for the raw stuff, the in the moment genuine laugh stuff, because those are the memories you'll remember and hold onto forever. 

I like to make my sessions fun for families. Sometimes being in front of the camera can be awkward but you bet I'll be making you laugh, playing music and doing whatever I can to get those genuine smiles to come out. 

My most favorite thing ever is to EMPOWER WOMEN and help them feel beautiful in their own skin. It's important to love yourself so that others can love you too! 

One thing you'll realize is that I am an open book, I keep it real, and I love to connect with people on a human level. I have a background in the medical field so it's important to me to connect with my clients and not just be a weirdo that shows up to a session and makes you feel uncomfortable. We make things happen around here!

Enough about me, I can't wait to meet YOU and tell your story! 



Shanna Tolson, owner of BumpsToBabesStudios, Plumas Lake, California. Luxory Boudoir & Materntiy Photographer. -SACRAMENTOBOUDOIRPHOTOGRAPHER,

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